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Automotive engine with timing chain

Chains for Automotive Engines

MCC offers both timing chains for automotive engines including roller chain and silent chain. 

Timing chain is used to drive the engine's valve to ensure that the engine can run normally. 

The timing chains are pre-stretched to seat each component, which minimize initial wearing and have longer service life. 

Silent chain works similarly as timing chain with the difference design of plates. 

The flat and tooth shaped plate design helps to minimize the noise and vibration while boost efficiency.

Motorcycle with motorcycle chain

Motorcycle Chain

High-quality motorcycle chains for better performance and safety are offered.

In high speed and tough conditions such as rain, dirt and sand, our motorcycle chains can transmit power well in safe way and give you a smooth riding.

O-ring motorcycle chain is another choice for the long-term service and performance. 

It features O-ring between roller link plates and pin link plates, which seal lubricant oil in the pin and inside of the bush and prevent the dirt, and extends the chain life.

Motorcycle silent chain is also an ideal option for transmitting power with low noise and vibration and increases the operating efficiency. 

The flat and tooth shaped plate allow the motorcycle to run quietly and have high efficiency.

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