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Leaf Chain

Leaf chain with high strength and durability are offered for forklift, machine tools and various lifting applications.

AL series and EL (LL) series leaf chain are used for light lifting.

BL (LH) series are for heavy-duty lifting; it is usually used for forklift and lifting equipment. 

AL leaf chain

Harbor forklift

Harbor leaf chain

Leaf Chain for Container forklift Truck

Harbor Leaf Chain is mostly used in the heavy duty lifting machines and container forklift in ports or harbors.

It means that the leaf chain needs to withstand extreme loads.

MCC harbor leaf chain features free-spinning pins, bushings in the inner plates, through hardened pins and bushings for higher hardness, and quad-staked riveting to increase the holding power of the side plates.

All the features ensure that our harbor leaf chain have longer wear life and excellent performance than standard leaf chain.

CRF coating is an additional option for corrosion resistance.

The coating can slow down the rusting process especially for the machines and forklift operating in moisture environment and sea wind like ports or harbors.

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