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Attachment Roller Chain

Various attachment roller chains are offered to meet your food and beverage production application from standard attachments – bent, straight, wide or extended pins type to customized attachments.

      WSK1 attachment roller chain

Stainless Steel Spike Chain

Stainless steel spike chain (also referred to sticker chain) is used to convey plastic film in packaging machines or using in the poultry industry to convey through a processing machine.

The sticker chain is also able to combine with different attachment or be customized design at customer’s requests.

Please contact us for carbon steel version.

Spike Chain

Stainless Steel Chain

We have a full line stainless steel chains in SUS304 material.

The stainless steel chain has good corrosion resistance and performs well in food production and processing.

It is recommended for the environments where directly contacts with food and where the chains are easily rusted.

SUS316 material roller chain is also available at request.

Stainless steel chain

High-Strength Stainless Steel Chain: MEGA-II Series

Are you satisfied with the stainless steel chain you are using?

Have you ever thought to find a stainless steel chain that could have a better strength and wear out less so the time of changing the chain could be extended?

If yes, our High-strength stainless steel chain – MEGA-II Series is your best solution.

The unique design gives the chain outstanding performance on its tensile strength, allowable load and elongation, compared to the ordinary stainless steel chain. 

MEGA-II Series chain has the flange on its inner plates and double outer plates to increase tensile strength, allowable load and durability.

The revolutionary design can decrease the possible failure caused by high loading, increase wear resistance, and have 50% longer chain life than standard stainless steel chains.

The inner width is complied with the standard so the chain won’t have the problem to work on standard sprockets.

High-strength mega stainless steel chain

Self-Lube Chain: NSL Series

NSL Series chain is a lube free roller chain.

The chain is featured with its sintered bush impregnating NSF H1 approved food grade oil to always maintain the chain in lubricated state and reduce down time to save cost.

It is ideal for food, beverage equipment or any other industries where cleanliness and productivity are critical.

NSL self-lube roller chain-2

Poly Steel Chain

Also known as PC chain, poly steel chain consists of engineered plastic inner links and SS304 stainless steel outer links.

The combination makes the poly steel chains good choice for food and corrosion resistant applications.

Light weight and less noise which is also applicable for the application requiring such features.

FDA approved blue poly steel chain is available

standard and food-grade poly steel chain

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