How to Determine the Chain Type You're Using

Chains are common components in industrial and mechanical applications, but identifying the type of chain you're using can sometimes be challenging.
This article will explain how to determine the chain type (chain no.) you're using, making it easier for you to maintain, replace, or purchase a chain of the same specification.

Step 1: Check for Markings on the Chain

Many chains have markings on the outer link plates that indicate the model and manufacturer's information.
These markings are typically engraved or stamped.
Examine the chain closely to see if there are any letters, numbers, or symbols that can help you identify the model.


Step 2: Measure the Chain's Dimensions

If you can't find obvious markings on the chain, you can determine the chain type by measuring its dimensions.
Here are some key measurements you'll need to take:

  1. Chain Pitch (P):This is the distance between chain links, usually expressed in inches or millimeters.
  2. Plate thickness (T1/T2)Measure the thickness of the chain plates.
  3. Chain Width (W):Measure the width of the inter link plates of the chain. This is often part of the chain model.

Step 3: Take Photos and Note Details

If you still can't find the model on the chain, try taking photos or noting other important features such as the chain's color, shape, and any unique markings.
Then, you can provide this information to a chain supplier or manufacturer to inquire if they can identify the chain model.

Step 4: Consult with Professionals

If you're still unable to determine the chain's model, it's best to consult a mechanical engineer or chain expert (MAXTOP for example).
They typically have extensive experience and can help you identify the model based on the chain's characteristics and may provide relevant recommendations.

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Step 5: Refer to Manufacturer Documentation

Lastly, you can try contacting the chain's manufacturer or visiting their official website.
Manufacturers often provide detailed information about their product models and specifications.
You can determine the correct model by matching the features of your chain.

Determining the chain model is crucial for maintenance (Introduction to Chain Lubricationand replacement of parts.
We hope these steps can help you easily identify the chain type you're using, ensuring the efficiency of your equipment.
If you still have questions, feel free to seek professional advice.

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