Chain Match and Tag

In mechanical equipment, it is common to require two or more chains to operate synchronously, necessitating identical lengths for proper functioning.
In order to meet customer requirements, Maxtop is able to provide length matching and tagging services to ensure alignment with customer usage needs.

When would chain matching be necessary?

When multiple chains need to operate synchronously, such as in elevating platforms or conveyor systems, it's typically necessary for the chain lengths to be similar to prevent distortion or misalignment during operation.
Although there are standard specifications for chain length tolerances in ISO, equipment usage often requires even smaller deviations.

Even though industry standards for chains specify tolerance levels for component accuracy, the accumulation of tolerances during the assembly of parts can lead to variations in chain lengths.
Longer chains tend to accumulate larger length differences. Therefore, in order to address this, chain manufacturers measure and tag chains according to the desired lengths specified by customers during the matching process.

How is the matching process carried out?

When Maxtop receives a customer order requesting chain matching, the chains are first cut to the lengths (pitch counts) specified by the customer.
These lengths are within the measurement capacity of the length measurement instrument.
Subsequently, the chains are measured using the measurement instrument for accurate length assessment.

match and tag-1

Subsequently, the actual lengths of all chains are organized and matched by sorting.
Following the sorting outcome, the chains are linked together to achieve the desired length as per customer specifications, and then assigned a matching identification number.

match and tag-2

Finally, prior to packaging, Maxtop will remove the paper tags and replace them with metal labels to prevent any oil contamination or potential paper debris from affecting the chains.

match and tag-3

Matching Standard

The current matching standards provided by Maxtop:

Class I: Matching tolerance 0.05%
Class II: Matching tolerance 0.05%~0.02%

Due to limitations of the measurement instrument, for more precise matching information or matching quotations, please contact Maxtop.

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