Push Out Force

What is Push Out Force?

The push out force of a roller chain is the force required to push the pin from the outer plate or the bush from the inner plate.
Therefore, it is also called "pushing force" or "pressing force".
The push out force of the chain is also one of the important factors that must be considered in the design of the chain.
If the push out force is insufficient, the chain may become loose during use and may even break.
Therefore, when designing a chain, the push out force needs to be taken into account to ensure that the chain can carry the required load.

How much push out force the chain needs depends on many factors, such as the use of the chain, its size and materials...etc.
In general, chains with big size or heavier load require higher push out forces.

The push out force is similar in nature to the tensile strength, only the minimum value needs to be set.
At present, the international standards to roller chains only stipulate the minimum value of the tensile strength, but there is no clear regulation on the push out force.
The only international standard that stipulates push out force is API SPECIFICATION 7F Oilfield Chain Standard.

MCC’s Push Out Force testing machine

The machine used by our company to test the push out force is the same as the tensile strength testing machine.
Put the object to be tested on the machine table, and then apply force on the pin/bush to test the force required to push the pin/bush out of the chain.

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