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40+ Years Taiwan Industrial Chain Manufacturer

Established in 1977, Ming Chang Traffic Parts Mfg. Co., Ltd, (MCC) is a developer and manufacturer of roller chains, conveyor chains and special chains for various industries. MCC is a modern chain manufacturer with two factories certified ISO 9001 and occupying areas of 16,500 and 4,600 square meters in Ping-Tung Industrial District, Taiwan.

MCC has well-organized automated production lines and integrated production system to achieve high efficiency, high productivity and high quality. With strict quality control and inspection, an experienced R&D team, and more than 180 employees, MCC offers world-class quality and transmission solutions.

Industrial Chain Expert

MCC offers most comprehensive range and diversity of industrial chains including transmission chains, roller chains, forklift chains, stainless steel chains, special chains and custom-made chains to different industries and applications

Industrial chain expert


MAX our thoughts, do the TOP quality chains

MAXTOP is a premium brand that has been well recognized by our customers in Europe and America since launched in 2005.

We satisfy our customers with continue improvements on our production process, chain performance and quality to ensure we always supply our best products.

MAXTOP is a reliable brand that you can count on!

Maxtop brand


company history

  • -1977 Company established as bicycle chain manufacturer
  • -1983 Industry roller chain introduced
  • -1996 ISO 9001 certificate awarded
  • -1997 2nd factory completed
  • -2000 Solution chain introduced - MEGA CHAIN
  • -2005 MAXTOP brand introduced
  • -2011 Solution harbor leaf chain introduced
  • -2013 Solution sawmill chain DF series introduced
  • -2017 Workshop information system introduced
  • -2018 New self-lube chain and ERP system introduced
  • -2019 Galvanization and Nickel (GN) surface treatment introduced 
  • -2020 Low noise chain introduced

ISO 9001:2015

MCC ISO 9001.2015-P1 Certificate

MCC ISO 9001.2015-P2 Certificate

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Industrial Chain Expert

Having more than 40 years of experience and technology in industrial chains, we aims to provide our best-quality, economical and efficient solutions to meet your various demands and applications.