Quality Control and Inspection

Quality control and inspection for industrial chain

It is our strongest commitment to provide our customers with top-quality, reliable, and excellent performing MAXTOP chains. 

To fulfill the commitment, we set up the highest quality control standards to inspect every step in our production and also have established the professional labs to test the performance of the chains.

Components Inspection

MCC strictly inspects the components to make sure that only qualified components proceed to the assembling step.

Image Dimension Measuring System

The device is used for inspecting parts diameter, pitch, hole misregistration, thickness, height and so on to make sure the precise sizes.

It can quickly and automatically measure multiple parts at the same time at the speed of more than 10 times faster than traditional projectors.

Image Dimension Measuring System

Hardness Tester

The purpose of heat treatment is to increase the strength and hardness of components.

Therefore, excellent heat treatment is one of the most important processes in chain manufacturing.

The precise control of heat treatment parameters ensures that each part has optimized strength and hardness, and boosts the strength and service life of the chains. 

hardness tester

Optical Sorting Machine

Optical Sorting Machine

Check roller dimension  with optical sorting machine

Optical sorting machine combines with the CCD images to automatically inspect every components and sort out the defect parts before chain assembling.

The machine could also record data for our QC team’s further analysis.

Assembling Inspection

CCD Inspection Device - Charge Coupled Device

Missing parts on the chains might cause the chain to break and even has possible hazard to safety.

It is the most serious quality defect and problem all chain manufacturers have to overcome.

MCC has developed a set of image detection system (CCD Inspection Device) and obtained the patent.

After years of continuous improvement, the CCD inspection device has replaced manual or mechanical inspection methods to achieve 100% inspection.

The device uses optical photography technique and built-in computer to analyze and detect the missing parts, short pins, poor riveting, and other potential problems and defects. 

Chains will be recorded and marked for defects if they fail to pass the inspection.

(CCD Inspection, Patent ZL00205701.8, Certificate#411436)

CCD inspection device - Charge Coupled Device

Chain Length Inspection

Precise pitch ensures the matching of the chain and the sprocket.

Through strict quality control of components and precise assembly technology, we make sure the chain length (pitch) is accurate and stable.

Chain length detection machine

Professional Test Labs

To ensure we always offer consistent high-quality chains, we have our professional labs with the complete range of testing devices to do the research and analysis.

The equipment include hardness tester, wear tester, tensile strength tester, fatigue tester, elongation tester and salt spray chamber and so on.

Professional test labs


While roller chains consist of five simple components: pin, bushing, roller, pin link plate, and roller link plate, every process and detail are important to create premiere chains. 

We MAX our thoughts, do the TOP quality chains

ISO 9001: 2015

MCC ISO 9001.2015-P1 Certificate

MCC ISO 9001.2015-P2 Certificate

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