NSL Series

Tired of lubricating roller chain or have an application where is difficult to re-lubricate roller chain?
MCC New Self Lube roller chain could be an option for your choice.

About MCC NSL roller chain

NSL Series chain is a lube free roller chain featuring sintered alloy bushings to maintain the chain in lubricated state and avoid down time.
The sintered bush is porous metal structure and impregnated oil by vacuum.
When the chain is running, the oil naturally come out from the bush to maintain the chain in lubricated state.

Why Choose MCC NSL chain?

1. Alloy bushings, use NSF certified H1 food grade oil to keep the chain lubricated.

2. The Pins are coated with additional wear-resistant nicker plating.

3. Friction-optimized solid rollers.

4. All parts are heat treated and sand blasted to increase strength and wear resistant.

5. The plates are black-oxidized to prevent general corrosion resistant.

6. Plates can be applied with different coating according to different environments.

NSL chain structure

For instance, the chain saves time and money by extending chain life and reducing maintenance costs for more production.

NSL chain elongation

We highly recommend the use of NSL chains in application where re-lubrication of roller chains is difficult or where cleanliness is required.
It’s also ideal for use in food and beverage machinery or other industries with strongly requirement for clean applications.

What's Special?

Two versions of NSL self-lube roller chains

We offer two versions of self-lube roller chains for different temperature range.

Standard (FG): utilizes NSF H1 approved oil impregnated bushings, temperature range from -10°C ~ 145°C (14°F~293°F).

Optional (FGH): utilizes NSF H1 high temperature resistance approved oil impregnated bushings, temperature range from -20°C ~ 220°C (-4°F~428°F).


NSL Limitation

The MCC NSL roller chain could use on the standard sprockets, however, due to the nature of sintered bushing, it brings the limitation on applications.

1. LoadLight Load or medium load

2.Operating speed (Maximum)

  • 40/08B: 150M/min
  • 50/10B: 135M/min
  • 60/12B: 120M/min
  • 100: 80M/min
  • 120: 50M/min

3. Dust and wet environment might accelerate wear.

4. Avoid to use in vacuum (negative pressure) environment; vacuum environment would cause the oil in sintered bush to leak out and reduce working life.

5. Although MCC use NSF H1 approved oil, it is still not suggested if the chain will be used to contact directly with food.

Common application

  • Print & Packaging
  • Food & Bottling Conveyors
  • Automatic Warehouse Conveying Systems
  • Electronics

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