MEGA-II-Patented high strength stainless steel chain

The MEGA-II stainless steel chain is MCC patented stainless steel roller chains with the larger bearing area, increased tensile strength and increase 50% chain life.

Why developed a new type of stainless steel chain?

As a professional roller chain manufacturer, we listen to customer requirements.
The customer has chosen stainless steel chain for clean environments, however, the consideration of tensile strength and durability annoys our customers.
To find the solution to these requirements and increase our specialty in the market, MCC decided to develop the high strength stainless steel chain.

High tensile strength stainless steel chain design

MEGA structure

The MEGA-II series is made of SUS304 material, but we also supply SUS316 material for a large application pursuing better corrosion resistance. MEGA-II high-strength stainless steel chains have flanges on the inner plates and double outer plates to increase the bearing area. The revolutionary design increases tensile strength, allowable load and working life up to 50% as standard stainless steel roller chain.
Chains also reduce possible failure due to high load and increase wear resistance.
The inner width is complying with the ANSI and ISO standards so that the chain can work on standard sprockets.

Special Features

1. The flange on the inner plates, longer bushings and the design of double outer plates allow the chains to have larger bearing area to increase push-out force and improve the tensile strength, allowable load and service life.

MEGA II struture

2. All of our MEGA-II chains are quad stake riveted instead of double rivets, which could keep the link plate tight on the pin.

3. MEGA-II chains almost double tensile strength and allowable load and increase working life by up to 50% compared to standard stainless steel roller chain. Chains also eliminate possible failure from high loads.

MEGA II chain testing result

4. MEGA-II chains can be combined with straight attachments, extended pins, and a customized design according to your demands and applications.

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