What is solid bush and roller chain?

MAXTOP chains use solid (seamless) bushings and rollers.

Do you know the differences between solid and conventional split (curled) bushings/rollers?

How do solid bushings and rollers improve the chain performance?

Let’s find out.

Split bushings and rollers

Split bushings and rollers

Split bushings have inferior rigidity and roundness, and deform into barrel shape when plates are pressed on.

It would lead to uneven contact area (point to point) with pins.

Also, the split bushings leak lubricating oil through their seams.

All these factors make the split chains have higher wearing and shorter working life than solid bushing chain.

Solid bushings and rollers

Solid bushings and rollers

Solid bushings have high rigidity and good fully cylinder through integral molding.

When plates are pressed on, the bushings are not easy to deform.

These allow the pins to have full contact with the bushings.

Without seams to cause leaking, the solid bushings effectively maintain the lubricant.

Therefore, the roller chains with solid bushings and rollers have superior wear resistance and longer working life than split ones.

Test comparison: Split bushings and roller chain vs Solid bushing and roller chain

Test result is based on MCC lab.

solid bush testing

The testing result show that roller chains with solid bushings and rollers greatly improves wear resistance and working life.


High wear resistance is achieved by full contact between the pins and solid bushings.

With seamless, the solid bushings improve leakage of lubricating oil.

Thus, working life of chain is greatly extended.

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